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The clic.world social financial eco-system
"the power of communities in the new digital world"

Creating an end-to-end community-centric financial based eco-system

“the future of digital financial services for everybody, from rural villages to online social networking communities and financial institutions”.

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The vision behind the clic.world eco-system

Creating a digital space built around people and based on trust, where users can safely and securely participate in social networking and the new emerging digital economy.

The foundation of this space is banking and financial services, with all other functions and services built on this. The clic.world eco-system will be partly owned and managed by its members who will share in the revenue generated in the space e.g. advertising, big data, financial services, etc.

In this eco-system every member is uniquely authenticated and verified (KYC) to ensure only genuine people are active. This will solve the current problem of fake personas on the web and social media.